Tutorial Bounties

We are looking to put together a series of tutorials and help articles to inform new users -- both to crypto and to MRR -- on how to use our service to its fullest potential.

  • Bounties will be paid in your choice of BTC, LTC, or ETH. We will only pay for the tutorials that we end up using on our site or on our youtube channel, though we may award some payments for effort to those we do not use.
  • Submit your entry using a support ticket with the subject of "MRR Tutorial Submission".
  • Written tutorials should be provided via Google Docs and should contain screenshots.
  • Video tutorials should be provided via Google Docs and in a format accepted by Youtube. Videos should show the actions required, be concise, and contain clear and audible speech with no music.
  • This is not a complete list -- if you think of a topic that we need to cover, we'll offer a reasonable reward if we end up using your article or video!
Category Name Written Video Description
General Creating an Account claimed claimed Basic steps of creating an account, using a strong password, 2-factor authentication, and email verification.
General Pools claimed $50 How to add/manage pools within your rig or rental, as well as how to manage pool favorites and profiles on your account.
Rig Owner Connecting Your Miner to MRR claimed claimed In depth tutorial where you explain the steps to necessary to get your rig on MRR. This includes, creating the rig, selecting and managing a mining pool, adding your pool to your rig. Includes steps how to set asic miners or gpu based software to connect over to your new MRR Rig.
Renter Renting and Configuring a Rig $75 claimed In depth tutorial where you explain the steps necessary to rent a rig on MRR. This includes selecting the appropriate rig list, selecting a rig, finding a pool/registering at the pool, adding it to the rental, and paying for the rental.