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Suggested Diff


Advertised Hashrate


Available Hours

93 - 559

Optimal Difficulty



* Includes a 2% renter fee

Rig Information

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I Really hope that Renter Read This Description before rent:

1. This Rig Will Not Compatible with Re-Rental Poll and Low Diff Pool.
2. Set Min 2 Pool : Main Pool and Back Up Pool.
3. Var diff Supported but Should Start from Our Suggested Difficulty.
4. Read RIG NAME there is our Suggested Difficulty.
** Few Way to Set Difficulty But Different for every pool (Maybe Work)
**** Set Password: d=(suggest-diffuculty)
**** Set Password: c=(coin-symbol),d=(suggest-diffuculty)
**** Use Higest diff port if your pool have port choise
**** Look at Worker page
**** Look at difficulty Page / option
5. Problem? Tell me your pool website We will try to find the diff conf.
6. After Change Difficulty lets wait The Rig up in few minute to Advertised hash
6. If The Rig Not UP, please check you difficulty Pool at MRR worker tab
7. If You need long time to set difficulty, dont worry , we will give higer hash untill you get green result average.
7. Still not work? Your Bitcoin Will Refund within 12 Hours After Rental Finish 
* try to our pool: we will create what coin you want to mine
* Tellme if you want to make higher / lower hash rig and custom time, i will create for you.....

Masternode For  Sale: