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No active threads, LLC -- Information Technology isn't just a job, it's a lifestyle. As a knowledgeable, focused and experienced team, provides fast and responsive customer service in a fun environment. We deliver innovative technology solutions to clients through consultative problem solving and technical support with accountability to the customer. Are you ready to Get Your Donkey On?

This mining rig consists of (12) Gridseed Orbs at 364KH/s each for a total of 4.36MH/s at 27.52W/MH or 0.12KW/h at $0.29USD/day to operate.

This rig mines during (17) off-peak hours Monday-Friday, 7PM to Noon (MST) and all day Saturday-Sunday. This rig pauses during (7) on-peak hours Monday-Friday, Noon to 7PM (MST). The minimum rental period is (24) hours and the rental rate has been adjusted for this 17x7 mining schedule.

All rentals are monitored and compensated with free time for below advertised performance, and include free technical support. Please visit, call (800) 278-1716, or email