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Supported Algorithms

Naturally, our list of supported algorithms is indicated on the left, under Rigs, as well as through the upper dropdown menu.
We change this often, perhaps a few times a year. We may also have old algorithms in our system, but hidden, since they are unused by anyone anymore.

Core Algorithms

  • Sha256
  • Scrypt
  • X11
  • Dagger-Hashimoto 

Fringe Algorithms

  • Libry
  • Lyra2rev2
  • Blake256-14
  • Neoscrypt
  • Yescrypt
  • Quark
  • Lyra2RE
  • Equihash


List of Unsupported Algorithms

  • Cryptonote/CryptoNight *(2,3)(A)

Why are these unsupported?

Unfortunately, due to several factors, we may not currently support an algorithm for mining here at MiningRigRentals. The possible reasons can include:

  1. Technical Inadequacies of the Algorithm.
  2. Technical Inadequacies of the Available Mining software.
  3. Mining software/developers not supporting our system/service.
  4. Lack of available community support for the algorithm.
  5. Does not provide benefit to us our our users.

(A) What can I do to help?

For Cryptonote/CryptoNight, mining software would need to be developed to support our system, utilizing stratum from compatible sha256/scrypt software, which includes client.reconnect (our service requires this to work).
This software would be required to mine at MRR. If you can provide technical support on this, please let us know via our ticket system.