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Yes we absolutley do offer an API.

You can find our API documentation for version 2 at link here https://www.miningrigrentals.com/apidocv2

Our API is provided for our users benefit. We impose a limit of 100 requests per minute per ip address, please do not evade this limit.
We offer endpoints that are public and private. A public endpoint lists public data, and can be used for any purpose, however access to the data is covered under our Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy. If we feel the data is being abused in any way or is used in a manner against our TOS, we reserve the right to disable access to the data or request removal.
If you need more 'requests per minute', we offer extra request volume for our paying customers at no extra cost, based on some factors that include rental volume on our service. 

If you are not an active customer, you can otherwise purchase blocks of 100 requests per minute for $5 (USD) paid in one of our available cryptocurrencies on a monthly basis. On a limited basis we may offer payment in other cryptocurrencies listed on 'Coinbase.com' such as USDC. Payment in this manner is done manually, through opening a ticket.


Here is a list of public projects using our API