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We provide an extra avenue of potential profit in your mining adventure. If you've found success mining, simply figure out what it would be worth to you to allow someone else to rent your mining rig. Price your rig accordingly to your required profit level, or use our auto price system.
Our service allows you to setup backup pools. This allows you to have multiple fallbacks. We also provide the convenience of allowing you to change your mining rig's pool from anywhere you have access to the internet.

We also provide you with access to live and historical hashrate graphs, an API that you can use to control your rig. We also provide you with a secure location for your mining profits, a convient transaction history. As well as a dedicated support team. You are always paid out when requested, or you can set an auto payout amount.

Enjoy Mining Rig Rentals Hashrate Boost. This feature will net your rig up to an extra 2% hashrate when connected to Mining Rig Rentals. When your rig is rented you see the greatest gains. We intelligently route your mining hashrate quicker to give you extra performance. This extra performance will cover a significant portion of the charged rental fee!


There is no risk when using Mining Rig Rentals.

When someone rents out your mining rig, they only have the ability to direct your hashing power to a pool of their choice. You will always control your hardware and mining configuration files.
MiningRigRentals.com adds an additional layer of protection through our specialized proxy connection. 

Am I responsible for renter pool problems?

As a rig owner, you are Never responsible for problems resulting from an error on the side of the renter. 

At Mining Rig Rentals, we give the utmost respect to our rig owners. To that end, when your rig is rented, we pay you up front for the whole cost of the rental. This allows us to show you we are sincere about our level of commitment to you. 

Please also note that your rating will never decrease, nor will you be charged a refund for issues stemming from a renter's pool or difficulty choice. We offer a fair review of all rentals.

If the situation is causing problems for your rig, we can offer to cancel the remainder of the rental period. In which case you are still paid for the elapsed portion of the rental. Please contact support and indicate to us if you wish to cancel the rental. 

If you notice a problem with your rental and it is caused by the renter, we recommend leaving a message for the renter in the "Communications" tab of the rental under your rig page, notifying them that you suspect a pool issue.

Should your renter open a ticket requesting a refund, we will express to them that there is a problem with their pool and guide them to correcting the issue.

Additionally, if you are ever charged a refund against a rental you do not agree with, simply open a ticket and request our review of the error. While we continuously work to provide the most reliable service we can, we will always remain prepared to consider another review to ensure everyone's satisfaction.

Getting Started

In order to start mining you need just three things, 
create an account with our site,
create a new rig on your My Rigs page,
setup your miner to connect to MiningRigRentals.


1. Sign up with MiningRigRentals

2. Create your Rig on MiningRigRentals

Your second step should be to setup your Rig on MiningRigRentals. You can begin by going to the My Rigs page. Begin by clicking Create new Rig.
Fill in the requested information,
You're welcome to name your rig however you want. Keep in mind this is the first thing your potential renter sees in the rig list.
Set the hashrate of your rig, choose the appropriate mining algorithm (sha256 and scrypt are the most common)
Choose a MiningRigRentals server based on your rigs geographical location.

Once your rig is created, browse to your rig by clicking on it in your rig list.
Here you can configure additional information. You can set a long rig description if you wish (Recommended) 
Make changes to hashrate, server selection. You can set the suggested work difficulty that Renters should use here as well (Important)

You should set the price per MH/Day or GH/Day(sha256) and the minimum and max rental durations.
Once you have completed the information setup, please input your pool settings.

We provide you 5 pool slots where your rig mines at when not rented. It is required to set a pool up here so to show your renter that your rig is working. It also increases the responsiveness of the switch to your renters pool when your rig is rented.
It will mine at your first choice when not rented, if your first choice pool is offline, it will attempt the second, and so on.
When your rig is rented, your rig will mine at the renters configured pool location.

Once you have finalized the setup of your rig, you should set the Rental Status to Available in order to list your rig on our site. All rigs listed will show up for rentals once 10 minutes have passed that the rig has been online, this is to reduce erroneous online rigs due to platform function or mistakes. It is also not required to have your rig listed as available, though we encourage you to do so.
Also note your Worker Info used for connecting your rig to MiningRigRentals

3. Configure your mining device.

Your miner has to be pointed to one of our stratum servers below and user credentials for your rig have to be specified. We currently operate in the following regions: US East Coast (us-east), Europe/Amsterdam (eu), Europe/Germany (eu-de), US West Coast (us-west), US Central (us-central), and Asia-Pacific/Singapore (ap).

The login credentials needed for your miner's configuration file look like this: (please, fill your Username.ID with the supplied Worker Info on your MiningRigRentals Rig)

URL: stratum+tcp://us-central01.miningrigrentals.com:3333
Rig Worker name: Username.ID
Password: anything

The password can be an arbitrary text since there is no security issue present here. If someone tried to connect to our servers with your credentials, whoever would be just mining for your benefit. It is also slightly helpful if you choose a unique password for each physical miner device you point to your rig. 

The servers can be chosen from the following list based on your geographical location:

Servers Location Address
USA, New York us-east01.miningrigrentals.com
USA, Silicon Valley, California us-west01.miningrigrentals.com
USA, Chicago Illinois us-central01.miningrigrentals.com
USA, Atlanta Georgia us-south01.miningrigrentals.com
USA, Dallas Texas us-tx01.miningrigrentals.com
USA, Seattle, Washington us-nw01.miningrigrentals.com
Canada, Toronto ca-tor01.miningrigrentals.com
Asia-Pacific/Singapore ap-01.miningrigrentals.com
Europe, Amsterdam eu-01.miningrigrentals.com
Europe, Germany eu-de01.miningrigrentals.com
Europe, Germany eu-de02.miningrigrentals.com
Europe, Russia: Moscow eu-ru01.miningrigrentals.com
Europe, London, United Kingdom eu-uk01.miningrigrentals.com
Asia-Pacific/Hong Kong hk-01.miningrigrentals.com
Asia-Pacific/Sydney, Australia au-01.miningrigrentals.com
Asia-Pacific/Bangalore India in-01.miningrigrentals.com
Asia-Pacific/Tokyo Japan jp-01.miningrigrentals.com

You can point more than one hardware device to your Rig and you can connect to any MRR server. We recommend you use more then one MRR server in your local miner configuration. We support IPv6 for increased availability and better latency.
You would take this information and setup your device to connect to MiningRigRentals.

It is important to set the device to connect to our stratum often, usually your first "pool" choice. It is also important to add local backup pool locations to mine at incase your renter or your pool (configured at MiningRigRentals) goes offline. Your rig must support client.reconnect in order to be connected to your rig's temporary port.

Also note that since we have ipv6 enabled, if your ipv6 configuration is broken, your machine may try to use it. If you have any connection issues, check to see if that is the cause.
Also while we have a global array of servers, we acknowledge that some regions may be under served like South America, Africa, Australia, China, Middle-East. If your in one of these regions, try to find the server with the least ping value, if any issues persist, also try using the raw ip address in your config for the server you chose. 

Hopefully with this guide you have been able to setup your mining hardware (rig) to connect here and be able to take part in the great potential of additional profit renting will bring you.

Q: My mining rig is listed but it shows: "New" as it's RPI score. How long will my rig continue to display "New?"

A: RPI is scored immediately upon the first rental. However, the score is not published until you've completed 5 rentals. 
This allows your rig some time to generate a value adding score rather then being sent to the bottom of the list off of one bad rental.
Scores for new rigs start out at "Good" and increase to "Best" after 30 rentals for exceptional rigs. 
A score of "Best" means your rig is good and operating at or near your advertized speed. RPI is not a percentage, it is a scoring system.

You can de-list your rig at any time by clicking on My Rigs, selecting your Rig and setting the Rental Status to Unavailable. This does not cancel any in progress rentals. You would use this for rig maintenance, once your rig is working again, you should re list it.
We do reserve the right to enable or disable any rig, we do this out of concern for our users. 

All rental proceeds (credits) are held upto 12 hours after the rental completes. This is reduced to 6 hours if the rental completed above 100%. The designated timeframe is to allow for dispute resolution should it be required. After 12 hours, or 6 hours as explained previously, your rental credit will be ready for disbursement to your active balance.
Our fee is 3% and is only charged on any rental you recieve. The fee is an estimated value calculated from the expected maximum length of the rental period purchased times the advertised hashrate and our fee rate. In cases of incorrect rig hashrate, the fee may be adjusted to match the correct average hashrate of the rig. Using our service is free otherwise, but we do request that if you have active miners, please enable them for rent and put a decent rental price that will make you a profit.

A manual payout button is located on the "Balance" page. Your payout address should be set on the Settings page along with Autopayout thresholds if needed. A bitcoin transaction fee is assesed for any payout, it is listed on the balance page. We do not earn any profit on the transaction fee is is necessary to pay the blockchain fees associated with sending a payment. Please see the payout schedule on your balance page.

Our fee is 3% and is only charged on any rental you recieve. The fee is an estimated value calculated from the expected maximum length of the rental period purchased times the advertised hashrate and our fee rate. In cases of incorrect rig hashrate, the fee may be adjusted to match the correct average hashrate of the rig. 

Using our service is free otherwise at our expense, but we do request that if you have active miners, please enable them for rent and put a decent rental price that will make you a profit. We reserve the right to block your free usage of any of our services if we deem it to be harming our service or clients, or using too much resources.