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You can find information by browsing the sections and categories on the left hand dropdown menu (top if you have a very small screen)

We appreciate any feedback regarding the design of the help center, or new bits of information to add, including tutorials; You can open a ticket with us at any time.


We try to provide excellent professional support to our users. We have integrated a ticket system into our website for you to use for getting help with your rig or rental.
You can reach our Ticket Center Here. Please overview the information on the top of the ticket page for optimal solution of your issue. 

Support availability: We try to answer tickets as soon as possible. However we operate on a EST/New York schedule, meaning support between 10pm and 8am may not be available
We attempt to provide active support hours between 8am and 10pm (EST) as indicated. Saturday and Sunday may have restricted hours.
It is also possible we are offering support beyond those hours at our personal discretion or are unavailable for any period, hours are not guaranteed due to our small staff.
Regardless we make an attempt to answer tickets within 12 hours.

Also, please open ticket as soon as possible after the end of rental if there is an issue, however please read our 'How do Cancellations & Refunds work? (Refund Policy)' before doing so!
Rental holding period is 12 hours, beyond that we are unable to offer refunds for rentals which have cleared the holding period.

Please open a ticket directly from our ticket center if you require help on multiple rentals or rigs, please list them in the body of your ticket. 
Direct html links are most appreciated, but not required.

You will also have the ability to open a ticket directly from your rental view page. This insures we know which rental you are referring to.
Please do not open a very large number of these direct tickets from your rentals, please consider opening a single ticket outlined above, failure to do so may incur a support charge.

We offer support in English. If you can't write English, we would suggest you write directly in your language, as we would have more experience translating the message then you would translating it to English.

It's also important to note that we provide support free of charge, please consider a donation if you are happy with the service you received.