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You may have noticed the "Suggested Difficulty" setting on your rig setup page.
We Strongly recommend you set this option.

If you don't know the proper option for this, please click on the Workers tab under Rig Details section of your rig setup page.
Once there, check for your miners connections to your pool, note what the average value of the Difficulty is when there is a stable connection to your pool.
This represents the best value for Suggested Difficulty, assuming you have your rig setup and connected to your pool through our service which is advised you do.

We attempt to support as many miner software as possible here at MiningRigRentals.
Mining software for stratum based algorithms compatible with our service need to have the following features:

  • Support Stratum communication protocol
  • Support client.reconnect (not needed for qtminer)
  • Provide option to configure connection/pool address

Mining software for getwork based algorithms compatible with our service need to have the following features:

  • Provide option to configure connection/pool address

Mining software that have these basic features are likely to be compatible with our service.
Most mining hardware comes loaded with it's own miner version, most are cgminer or bfgminer. Most of the asics should work here without issue.

Here is a list of known miner software that are generally compatible with our service:

(This list is not up to date, there is an ever evolving list of preferred mining software being used, we're working on updating this list)

  • bfgminer
  • cgminer
  • sgminer
  • ccminer (older versions) (newer versions see client.reconnect)
  • ​cudaminer
  • minerd (original cpuminer)
  • cpuminer (new versions with multi-algo support)
  • vertminer
  • equihashminer
  • EthDcrMiner64

Here is a list of software compatible for getwork based algorithms

  • Offical ethminer
  • Forks of ethminer
  • ethminer genoil

Here is a list of some miner software not supported:

  • minera
  • stratehm-stratum-proxy (Does not work for all renters!) (if you are not available for rent then this software is fine for your own use)

With our new ethereum / dagger-hashimoto support, we often see incompatible cgminer attempting to mine to a getwork / ethereum pool. This is unsupported, please use offical ethminer, or an offical working fork (like ones we listed above).
GTX 1060 Must be 6GB for dagger-hashimoto section, Refund for renter will always be issued regardless if you specify its 3G.

​​Other miners not on this list are, either not generally used here or are most likley not compatible. If you know of one on this list that works, or does not please let us know.
Many Asics have their own interface, and should follow cgminer/bfgminer compatibility guidlines.

We don't offically support connections from other outside cloud hashing services, but they may work if you follow other guide in this section.

Some Ethereum/other pools mining the algorithm dagger-hashimoto may allow you to use stratum to connect to them.
You may already be using this software on your miners to connect to these pools. This guide explains how to connect your rig to MRR with stratum support.
It's also useful for renters as well to help explain how our dagger-hashimoto / ethereum sections work.

We used to suggest using qtminer, but it's lack of feature support makes it the least choice currently. If possible, use a stratum proxy, or possibly ethminer-genoil.

Stratum may provide a small performance gain, we support stratum(1*)(2*) for Ethereum / dagger-hashimoto

  • There are currently two diffrent versions of the stratum protocol for ethereum/dagger-hashimoto.
  • We support incoming connections from both of these versions on port 3344.
  • We support outgoing connections to pools for both of these versions.
  • There is now a Third version of stratum, Its used specifically for Nicehash, and is not compatible with MRR.
  • (1) The first stratum version was first developed by the listed stratum proxy software; dwarfpool proxy/eth-proxy.
    It sends Json requests and responses using methods prefixed by "eth_" like "eth_submitLogin". Responses to eth_getWork contain "result".
  • (2) There is a second stratum version. It's seems to be gaining support in software like ethminer-genoil possibly newer qtminer?.
    It's like regular stratum, but it uses modifications to the protocol for the hash values required for dagger-hashimoto in work requests and share submits.
    It uses Json methods like "mining.submit", responses can be "mining.notify" It may also send eth_submithashrate method.
  • We currently support *all* pools that "appear" to be running this second version of stratum. coinmine.pl and miningpoolhub.com were used as prime examples of support.
    Support for all pools using stratum version (2) is enabled by testing user supplied pools for which version they support, the list is kept up to date for new connections.
    Our pool test for version support is in beta, as noted we used the two popular pools as examples how to test for stratum version (2) support.
  • Miners running version (1) and (2) of stratum support connections to both versions of pools, the requests are re-written in transport to work with any version of stratum pool.
  • We're considering the possibility of enabling getwork miners, like official ethminer to mine at stratum pools, and conversely, stratum miners to mine at stratum pools
    Check back in the future for more updates on this feature.

This post outlines generic settings you need in order to configure your Ethereum getwork to stratum proxy to connect to your MiningRigRentals Rig.

qtminer support:

  • qtminer.exe -u cncr04s.25624 -s ap-01.miningrigrentals.com:3344 -G --cl-global-work 16384

Please note as above, newer versions of qtminer may attempt version 2 of stratum.

All our testing was done with qtminer compiled on 10/20/2015
This version should work with our service using stratum version 1.

Claymore's Dual miner (newer versions)
-esm 2 or -esm 1
-allpools 1

Claymore's Dual miner (older versions):

You need to set your WALLET and your WORKER to your MRR workername
And your POOL to your chosen MRR pool address.

Stratum proxy support.

Download the stratum proxy here if you don't have it.

Examples of command the line for miners using ethminer / getwork:

  •    ethminer.exe -G -F

You connect your getwork miner to the stratum proxy, as indicated above.

Stratum proxy configuration:

# Select Ethereum ETH or Expanse EXP

# Host and port for your ethminer to connect to
HOST = ""
PORT = 8088

# Coin address(Valid ethereum address) It's unused at MRR, but PROXY REQUIRES IT
WALLET = "0x678f03a93a1218601a5af809f7fe8653335a3dbd"

#login information
MONITORING_EMAIL = "accountname.rigmumber" //cncr04s.26503 as example

# Main connection to MRR
POOL_HOST = "us-central01.miningrigrentals.com" //A server you choose
POOL_PORT = 3344

# Failover connection
POOL_HOST_FAILOVER = "us-west01.miningrigrentals.com" //Second server you choose, next closest

# Proxy version 0.0.5 and above
# Failover pool

POOL_HOST_FAILOVER1 = "us-east01.miningrigrentals.com"

POOL_HOST_FAILOVER2 = "us-west01.miningrigrentals.com"

POOL_HOST_FAILOVER3 = "eu-01.miningrigrentals.com"


There may be additional proxy software, however most should have a config somewhat logically similar to this.
Let us know if you get any other proxies working and provide us with a sample config to paste here. 
0.001 btc reward for a proper example of a config for another stratum proxy not listed here, contact support via ticket, refer the support personel to this faq..

EWBF Cuda Equihash Miner v0.6 

  • Equihash 96_5
  • Equihash 144_5
  • Equihash 192_7
  • Equihash 210_9
  • NVIDIA miner (Windows, Linux)

You can see more information and a download link here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4466962.0


  • Equihash 96_5
  • Equihash 144_5
  • Equihash 192_7
  • Equihash 210_9
  • NVIDIA miner (Windows, Linux)
  • AMD OpenCL  (Windows, Linux)

You can see more information and a download link here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4724735.0
On HiveOS https://forum.hiveos.farm/t/custom-miner-lolminer/8135

Funakoshi Equihash<144,5> Cuda Miner

  • Equihash 144_5
  • NVIDIA miner (Windows, Linux)

You can see more information and a download link here â€‹https://github.com/funakoshi2718/funakoshi-miner


  • Equihash 144_5
  • NVIDIA miner (Windows, Linux)

You can see more information and a download link here https://www.bminer.me/


We offer Cryptonote or also known as Cryptonight rigs that mine monero and other altcoins located here: https://www.miningrigrentals.com/rigs/cryptonote
There is an excellent article here that can help you gain more understanding about mining monero or other altcoins https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/guides/how-to-mine-monero/
You can visit https://easyhash.io/pools for a list of possible pools (not affiliated) that you could mine at with Cryptonote rigs .

Mining software:

XMR Stak: https://github.com/fireice-uk/xmr-stak
CGMiner: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=28402.0
xmrMiner (NVidia): https://github.com/xmrMiner/xmrMiner-Win64
ccminer-cryptonight: https://github.com/tsiv/ccminer-cryptonight/releases
minerd: https://github.com/OhGodAPet/cpuminer-multi/releases
Claymore Windows: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=647251.0
Claymore Linux: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=638915.0



Here is a quick list of the latest CPU and GPU miners available for mining the Zcash (ZEC) that uses the Equihash algorithm used by the coin. 
THIS IS NOT 144,5 or other xxx,x variants. 

Best AMD OpenCL miners for Zcash:
– ZECMiner v0.6.2 by Genoil

Best Nvidia CUDA miners for Zcash:
– NiceHash’s nheqminer v0.5c (also supports CPU and OpenCL)

This may be outdated, but check online for miners. 

This does not apply to Ethereum/dagger-hashimoto or CryptoNote/CryptoNight mining.

Some miners/software will need additional setup procedure in order to operate properly with MiningRigRentals.
Normal miner software will usually work with our service when connecting to the indicated server URL and port, and of course your rig's worker name.
Some software will not follow the commands sent by our stratum proxy service, an example would be "Minera." 

In order to setup your rig on a software that will not follow the "client.reconnect" command sent by our service, you will need to first have a separate software that will do this.
The software does not need hardware to work, this can be done on your home computer, you would connect it as indicated; and in the console it should show your rigs port value on the server you connected to. 
The message would look like " Stratum requested reconnect to us-east01.miningrigrentals.com:port " with 'port' being your port number on that server. 
You would use that value in order to connect to your MRR rig, instead of the port 3333. We suggest using BFGminer in order to preform this easy task. 

As a note, you will need to connect at least once to your "assigned" port every 48 hours on the dot in order to keep the port active, or else the system will think the rig is away and will reassign the port to some one else. 
If this does happen, you will need to follow the previous instructions again to get the new port. 
If you keep it connected all the time there should be no additional action on your part as the system will know the rig is still there. 

Alternatively if this is not working for you, we can assign a permanent port for you on the server of your choice. 
Please let us know if the instructions have not worked for you and we can assign this permanent port, as there are only a limited number of ports we can give out for this purpose; it is important to at least attempt the instructions first. 

If your rig, such as an asic device can only start work on a pool if the difficulty is above some amount we can set a minimum difficulty.
This is useful on pools that support variable difficulty. 
If you know what difficulty value that your rigs start mining at (meaning devices don't mine at lower difficulties), please open a support ticket and let us know that you want to change the minimum difficulty to that value.

Once set, a minimum difficulty is sent to your rig from any pool that sends a difficulty of lower than that value, however please note that share calculations are based on the value that is sent by the pool, even if it is lower.
This may result in lower hashrates until the pool difficulty is set to a correct value. If we see that a request was made to change minimum difficulty and completed by us under faith that the device does not mine at lower value and see rentals not working after the fact, by either lower hashrate the expected for the pool difficulty or other failures, we may remove the minimum difficulty and assess any refund due to the renter.
This feature is only available on bitcoin stratum forks. This includes sha256, scrypt,x11. Is not available on set target type stratums.

We also have the sole discretion to remove or add a miniumm difficulty to any rig in order to help the rig operate, or refuse any request to update the difficulty. Minimum difficulty may not help in all cases, and can also hinder rig performance.


There are some considerations to take before listing a large number of mining devices, such as greater than 100.
You can individually list these mining devices, or group them into a single rig or multipul rigs. We suggest a multipul set of rigs setup when using large numbers of miners instead of a huge single rig.

If you choose to group them into a single rig, please note that the hard maximim number of connections per IP and per rig is 500 per server, we have many servers of various capacity.
Note that when your rig gets switched by a pool, there may be a momentary closure state for previous connections, preventing the new connections, 
for that reason we request that no more then 250 miners be connected to a single rig or IP address, per server. You can connect more to our other servers, to increase the capacity.

If you plan to list your rig(s) for rentals and are connecting more miners, we are willing to open a private rig server for the farm. Please contact support, minimum for this would be 500 miners

This help is specifically for Nanominer configuration
Found here 

To mine at Mining Rig Rentals Octopus
A Sample INI Config:

wallet = cncr04s ;Your username
rigName = 174293 ;Your rig number
coin = CFX
pool1=eu-de01.miningrigrentals.com:3315 ;A Mining Rig Rentals mining server, note port is 3315



I can't connect to ezil.me

If you are mining to '.ezil.me' /  "EZIL mining pool ZIL + ETH/ETC"

Try entering "eth1.0" into the Eworker parameter of your pool settings.

You can connect up to 500 mining devices to your MRR rig. Simply edit your miner config exactly the same as your other rigs and connect. You will see on the worker thread tab in your rigs dashboard show the new connection.
You can use the password option on your physical miner config file to help identify the miner in the worker threads tab. 

When you reach over 500 connected to a single MRR rig, there is increased latency when there is a reset due to a pool change, we therefore request you to not connect more than this many to a single MRR rig. Please consider creating a new rig to add further connections. Above 1000 connections our server may reject further connections depending on that servers setting (based on capacity).
If you have a large farm please contact us for help, or even a private server for your rig (only for rigs that have rentals enabled).