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When you're mining crypto-currency you have to look at the long-term profitability, not only the short term profitability.
There are two big cases for successful mining by renting hashing power:

  1. For fun. Maybe you like to mine, or want to test the waters to see what crypto currency is all about.
  2. For Profit. You will have to monitor Bitcoin prices, as well as new altcoins. You will need to keep track of profitability charts for new altcoins, look for future and current opportunities in altcoin mining. Mine when difficulty is low and sell when the price is high. This enables you to successfully navigate profitability. Holding the coins for long periods can also have benefits for long term investment, you could potentially even use these coins to purchase goods or items in the future. We have a list of suggested pools that you can use for mining many different altcoins for your rentals here at MiningRigRentals. You can find these in the Pools & Services section.

This is a list of sites that can give you information about profitability in the altcoin scene.

Some rig owners may attempt to offer extra hash-rate or time or some other gimmick in their rig name or description. Advertising free hash-rate, time or other items is not permitted.

We advise all renters to not pay attention to those statements, as MRR can not hold advertisements made by other users as enforceable. We are not liable or responsible for any such statements made by third parties, we do our best to remove such from a rig's description if possible. However there are thousands of rigs and we rely on our users to report to us rigs with statements that violate our policy.
This means that if the rig owner does not give said extra features and you rented that rig specifically for that, we can not under any circumstance offer any compensation for those.


There can be many factors why your rental is not working.
Please review all your rental information, click Go To Rental in the rig's control screen. 

Check to see if your rental's rig is listed as Offline by looking for "RIG CONNECTION STATUS", review the rentals historical graph for an orange Offline bar
if indicated as offline please open a ticket with us so we can cancel and refund the rental.

If yor rental's pool is listed as Offline, check to see for "RENTER POOL STATUS", review the rentals historical graph for a purple Pool offline bar,
If your pool is indicated as offline, please add an online pool to the top of your pool list.
A pool that you chose for your rental being listed offline removes any eligibility for a refund for the time that your pool is offline. It is your responsibility to chose a reputable pool.

If the rig is online and your pool is online and there is no hash rate, check to see the time that the rental started, if your rental just started, please give it a few minutes to start.
If the rental has been ongoing and there is sill no hash rate, check the rig's history. If the rig shows a history of no hashrate before your rental, then the rig is not working.
Open a ticket with us so we can cancel and refund the rental.

If the rig has shown working and hasharate before the rental, and then there is no hashrate when your rental started, then your pool may be online, but non functional
Please add a different pool, or if you are using more then one pool, try moving the pools up in priority, giving them at least a few minutes to begin to work.
You would monitor the hashrate progress through the live hashrate graph to determine this. Also consider using mrr-pool as a backup for scrypt, x11, and sha256 rigs.
If you cannot get the rig to hash, please open a ticket with us so we can cancel the rental and issue a refund for the remaining time of the rental.

This message "YOU WERE NOT CHARGED" "Rental Did Not Start" appearing on your rental page after renting means the following:
As the message implies, there was no charge for the rental you attempted. As there was no charge, the rental can not start for you.

The cause of this message is simply, some one else rented the rig you chose before you hit pay. A rig can only be rented out to one person at a time, and the first one to rent it gets the valid rental. This is usually the result of a situation when there are a high volume of rentals, or the rig is popular.
It can also be caused by clicking the pay button more then once, leading to one of your own rental attempts winning out over the other. In this case, simply look at your My rentals page and search for the valid rental.
You can verify that you were not charged for the invalid unpaid rental, by looking at your transaction history, it will not be there. 

If the message was the result of two renters renting at the same time, you would have to try renting a different rig since the one that was attempted to be rented was already rented.

Also there is the infrequent case to where you do not have enough valid funds to pay for the rental, it would not start if you do not have enough valid funds in your account at the instant the system marks the rig as rented.

The worker difficulty may be too low or too high. Adjust the worker difficulty to obtain the advertised hash rate.
If this does not seem to apply, try browsing other similar questions.

If you are experiencing lower than expected hashrate, it's entirely possible that your pool choice is not assigning the proper worker difficulty setting for the rig you have rented.
You can find the current worker setting assigned by your pool by clicking on the "Workers" tab of the rental.

Please check the rental mining rig's description and always use the rig owner's recommended settings. However, if the optimal setting is not provided then we suggest the following:

Scrypt coins:

  • 250KH and below: 16
  • 250+: 32
  • 500+: 64
  • 1MH+: 128
  • 2MH+: 256
  • 3MH+: 384
  • 4MH+: 512
  • 10MH: 1024
  • 50MH: 4096
  • 100MH: 8192

SHA-256 coins:

  • 250MH and below: 1
  • 500MH+: 2
  • 1GH+: 4
  • 10GH+: 16
  • 30GH+: 32
  • 60GH+: 64
  • 125GH+: 128
  • 250GH+: 256
  • 500GH+: 512
  • 1TH: 1024
  • 10TH: 8192
  • 50TH: 65536
  • 100TH: 131072

You can also check for the Suggested difficulty set for your information by the rig owner, we reccomend that you follow those suggestions when available.

If your pool does not provide the option to assign worker difficulty per worker then we suggest checking for a pool that does.
Ultimately this is your responsibility and cannot be changed by the Rig owner who cannot be held liable for a refund.

You can purchase extended time on a rental by using the 'Purchase Extension' button at the bottom of your ongoing rental. Extensions are only available if the rig owner has not set the rig to 'Disabled' after the rental started, and can only be purchased for a combined length up to the maximum available hours listed for the rig.

This means if a rig has set the Maximum Hours to 24, and you rented it originally for 12 hours, you may only add up to an additional 12 hours of extended mining time to the rental.

Extensions are processed at the rigs CURRENT price.

Rentals are processed at the rig's current price rate. Please be mindful of this, as a rig owner may change the price of their rig at any time.

Help! My pool is listed as "Pool offline"

Pool offline statuses here at Mining Rig Rental mean that your pool is not accepting mining, therefore its offline to mining itself. This represents a number of error states, some of which may conflict with some users of the understanding of a pool being offline. We recieve many comments "My pool isnt offline" etc.
What is important to help you understand what Pool offline status means.

The most often reason this occurs is that the pool is not accepting a connection, this is like knocking on a door and no one answers. This can occur often when a pool operator is reconfiguring their pool, wallet/coin has gone down - (Pool operators usually are in the process of fixing those issues), unspecified configuration issue on the pool operators side, or the pool has banned our mining server.

Annother reason for a pool being offline is that the pool may answer the door, so to speak, but does not talk to you beyond that, such that no mining can occur.

Annother uncommon reason is that pool offline state may be the last state and we havent yet recieved indication that is in fact online, this can occur when first renting, at the very end of a rental, or when a rig simply is not mining, or a rig has recently gone offline (and therefore we don't know the pool is online).

On the ETHhash and ETCHash protocols, there is a method where the mining software -can- send the hashrate that it is actually running at. This process is not supported on all mining software.

The value can be anything that the mining software wants to send. It could technically send 900000EH, and the pool does not verify this value.

The 'Reported' hashrate, as displayed on pools such as ethermine and 2miners, is an irrelevant value and may or may not show correctly for your rig or rental.


This does not impact mining rewards in any way. The value is used as a tool to help you diagnose issues with your physical device IF YOUR DEVICE sends it. Nothing more.


The value that matters at pools is calculated hashrate based on submitted shares. This is what determines your mining rewards, and this is what we display on your rig or rental in the MRR interface.


Two pools where this question comes up very often are 2miners and ethermine. Both show the 'Reported' hashrate along with the calculated hashrates.


At 2miners there are 2 calculated hashrate values displayed:
'Current' - this is a calculated 30 minute average, this will not be accurate until at least 30 minutes has elapsed.
'Average' - this is a calculated 6 hour average, this will not be accurate until at least 6 hours has elapsed

At ethermine there are 2 calculated hashrate values displayed:
'Current' - this is a calculated 1 hour average, this will not be accurate until at least 1 hour has elapsed.
'Average' - this is a calculated 6 hour average, this will not be accurate until at least 6 hours has elapsed

Many other pools have the same process, the time sampling for the averages will vary from pool to pool.